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Roy talks to iconic people outside of sports for their opinions and passions about sports. Singers, directors, artists, dancers (can you see Usher talking about Kobe's "footwork"), musicians,

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A N   O R I G I N A L   O N L I N E   C O M E D Y   M A G A Z I N E

“Ranks with the best of SCTV & SNL!”


-LA Times

“Timeless... perfect parodies!”


“Innovative and hilarious stuff”

-LA Times

-NY Newsday

“Likely Stories” was one of Pay-TV’s first original comedy series.  Each show was a mixed-bag of short stories, political satire, outrageous parodies, and bold animation that helped define the cutting-edge for pay-cable comedy.   It also featured the directing debuts of many of today’s top filmmakers. Rob Reiner, Danny DeVito, Christopher Guest, Billy Crystal and Harry Shearer are among the comedy stars that directed and appeared in this unique anthology series. These critically acclaimed pay-tv classics have been remastered and reformatted as a series of collectible comedy-video “magazines” available for the first time as digital downloads or on-demand streaming through Apple’s iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon.

“Ranks with the best of SCTV & SNL!”

- Variety

First time available for digital download and on-demand streaming! 

Must-have collector’s items for the comedy aficionado.